ICM Compliancy Solution

Organizations across the spectrum are now required to be compliant with their regulations. Whether you submit to the FDA or to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), compliance quickly becomes a very complex undertaking. This complexity and cost will continue to increase with new rules, extended regulations, and greater scrutiny by governing bodies. To manage such undertakings many companies are implementing Business Process Management software.

With BPM Software companies are realizing:

  • Reduced compliancy costs
  • Efficient sustainable compliance solutions
  • Increased productivity
Business Process Automation

The ICM Ultimus Adaptive Business Process Management (BPM) Suite is a seamlessly integrated Business Process Management Software solution to manage the complete lifecycle of key business processes. With its human centric approach, the Ultimus BPM Suite empowers people in an organization to drive process automation and continuous improvement. Read more...

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