IT Policies and Procedures development

A policy is a set of rules or principles to be followed in a particular area. A procedure is the way something is done. Policies and procedures support employment agreements by providing detail on matters that might not be negotiated as part of an employment agreement.

We help organizations of any size to both protect themselves as well drive behaviour they expect from the use of their ICT infrastructure (system). For as long as your company uses computers, email, the internet, and software on a daily basis its high time you consider having information technology (IT) policies in place. IT Policies and Procedures will help employees to know what is expected and required of them when using workplace technology and or devices.

IT policies and procedures will help organizations to govern areas such as:

  • IT Administration and Governance
  • IT Assets Management
  • Data and Records Management
  • IT Assets Management
  • IT Security
  • IT Access Control
  • Mobility and Telephony
  • System Development
  • IT Risk and Compliance

Implementing IT Policies and Procedures will achieving the following:
  • Ensuring fairness.
  • Giving you a good reference point to confirm that you’re complying with all relevant legislation.
  • Help you get consistency across multiple locations.

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