Social Development Consultancy

On the Social Development Space, we strongly believe there is ever-increasing demand to improve the quality, impact and delivery of development services so as to achieve more effective social change. We believe REAL social advancement is possible by transforming relationships between development partners and constituents.

Core to this practice are our services on:

We assist organisations in building capacity for Monitoring and Evaluation through systems development and implementation to enhance accountability for resources, efficiency and sustainability of their programmes and improvement of quality of service.

We appreciate the centrality of Gender and HIV/AIDS in the development discourse and we assist organisations in mainstreaming these in their development programmes and initiatives.

We provide grants management services to organisations including Development Partners and build capacity for grants management to governments and Civil Society Organisations.

We provide Policy development and analysis services to governments and a variety of Organisations and build capacity of civil society in policy advocacy and development.

Governance: We provide support to organisations at various levels in developing appropriate structures, strategies and systems for enhancing sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of their functions.

We provide practical hands on support to governments, private sector and Civil Society Organisations to assist them deliver on their mandates through a variety of mechanisms/strategies including but not limited to training, coaching, mentoring, accompaniment etc.

Research and Documentation: We provide research and documentation services to different organisations for a variety of needs.

We provide participatory needs assessment services and build capacity for same to CSOs and governments to enhance their capacity to design programmes and projects responsive to the needs of target populations for optimum impact.

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